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The 70's

Quality and an extended collection

At the beginning of the 70s a new action plan was put in place. Quality and an extended collection were more important to the Ledûb brand than mass production at the lowest possible cost. Large customers such as C&A and HIJ were put to one side in favour of new, independent men's fashion houses for which Ledûb produced beautiful quality collections every six months. The benefits for these fashionable men’s shops are obvious: Ledûb offers consistent quality, with a collection that sells well and provides reliable delivery times and good service. This approach yielded fast results: in 1975 the milestone of 500 speciality menswear shops was achieved!


In 1973 Van Winkel Fashion invested in a convenient and reliable robot capable of stitching 1,800 breast pockets per day. An investment of 40,000 guilders that provided both improved consistent quality and a potential expansion of production. It was hardly a difficult decision when you know that an experienced worker can stitch a maximum of 1,000 breast pockets per day.

Introduction of L.U.V.: Ledûb Uit Voorraad (Ledûb in stock)

It was in these years that the L.U.V. package was introduced. The name was chosen for the analogy to the Dutch girls’ pop group of the 70s and 80s. The letters stand for Ledûb uit Voorraad (Ledûb in stock).

Whenever a shopkeeper needed to order a particular size or colour of shirt, that shirt would be sent the same day. This scheme offered nothing but advantages for the shopkeeper: the inventory risk lay solely with Ledûb and they could always help their customers out with a beautiful Ledûb shirt. In the beginning Ledûb kept only the basic shirts in stock but this was soon completed by fashionable shirts in bright colours such as apple green. It was a mega-success! Very soon after the introduction all retailers were working with this system. The revenue shot up!

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