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The 80's

1982: The men's fashion fair in Amsterdam

The Men's Fashion Fair of Spring 1982 was a great success. The collection was well received and many new customers signed up during the fair. But the greatest highlight of the fair was a visit from Prince Claus to the Ledûb stand. The Prince seemed to be well aware of the ins and outs of the company from Budel and he happily listened to director Gerard van Winkel’s presentation of the new collection.

A new heyday thanks to a successful team

The beginning of the 80s saw a huge slump in the market for men's shirts but instead of decreasing, Ledûb’s revenue just kept going up. How is that possible? The team of Ledûb staff never lost interest nor the will to distinguish themselves from the rest, by doing a little more, a little better in all areas and all the time!

Ahead of the technology

In 1970 people still worked with punch cards, forerunner of the computer. In 1975 punch cards were replaced by the first primary computer which in turn was replaced in 1981 by a super fast computer with many more possibilities. In 1982 Van Winkel Fashion invested 200,000 guilders in a new production system. Van Winkel Fashion was leading the way; more than 95% of producers were still working with the old assembly line.
The advantages of the new system were clear: production time was reduced, everything was managed and programmed from a central point, the process ran more smoothly and each production unit needed fewer people.

The introduction of robots and computers didn't have a negative impact on the workforce. In fact the number of workers increased from 115 at the end of 1972 to 170 by the end of 1986. Technology helped to increase the revenue which led to more workers being hired.  

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