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The creation of a shirt factory

An obsession with collars leads to the establishment of a new company

Founder Sjef van Winkel always resented the poor, untidy collars on his shirts. Curling collar points, weak edges, and impractical buttons were a source of great frustration to him. “I can do better than that!” he must have thought back in 1949 when he founded the family business Van Winkel Fashion.

Shirts for the Army

During the first few years there were seven workers in Van Winkel's clothing workshops and they produced shirts almost exclusively for the Dutch army. As of 1955 Sjef van Winkel became more specialised in shirts, notably for the Army but also for another shirt factory and a few retailers in the area.

Perfect collars

And so he went to work developing and perfecting the art of men's shirts with the emphasis on beautiful neat collars which would look good on any man. This obsession with collars grew into the creation of a true shirt factory.

The 50s and early 60s

In the 50s and early 60s Van Winkel's clothing factories produced thousands of shirts per week for large Dutch retailers such as C&A, HIJ and for the Army. During this time Sjef even developed his own machines to refine the production of shirts. His inventions are still used today in different clothing factories all over the world.

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