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100% cotton iron free

The key to finding the right shirt is that it fits well and feels comfortable to wear. The choice of fabric and weave determines to a large extent the way the shirt feels. Ledûb offers a great selection of fabrics in their collection, each of which is known for comfortable wear and easy care.

Ledûb offers a choice of 100% cotton, 100% non-iron cotton, cotton with stretch and some cotton/polyester mixes.



100% cotton

Cotton is a strong fibre and will resist wear and tear for a long time. Cotton fabric is breathable and has an excellent capacity for absorbing moisture. Cotton feels good on the skin.

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100% non-iron cotton

The Ledûb non-iron shirts are made of 100% cotton and finished with a special anti-wrinkle treatment. If you follow the care instructions properly, it is hardly ever necessary to iron the shirt.

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Stretch cotton

The Ledûb stretch quality comes from a mixture of cotton with the synthetic fibre elastane known for its elasticity. The fabric is a little stretchy, doesn't wrinkle easily and is easy to maintain..


How are fabrics made?

The cotton fibres are spun into threads, which are then used to weave fabrics.  The fabric can be made from a single thread (one ply) or from 2 threads twisted together (two ply). The finer yarns yield a better quality shirt. Fabric made from a finer yarn will crease less, look beautiful longer and feel softer. When more threads are used the fabric often appears to be shinier. The way the fabric is woven will also determine what the fabric looks and feels like.

Learn more about the different weaving techniques: